They met ONLINE having many mutual friends!…
Started chatting.. Numbers exchanged! The GIRL was innocent and Honest.. And the BOY was Matured and Confident..! After some days Girl fell in LOVE with him.. that too UNCONDITIONAL!!! She realized that he is only her PRINCE..! But.. she was not valued.. Boy used her to show his ex that he have a line of girls!!! She supported him and love him at each and every point…… and he used her whenever he needed someone for certain reasons!! Girl was hurt.. always.. but she continued supporting him as she don’t want him to left ALONE at any point!!!! She KNEW that one he will realize her value… he will LOVE her too.. She knew that the boy (her PRINCE) isn’t bad.. but the circumstances are! AND………
as it is said .. life is COMPLEX! there came a positive turn in her LIFE.. while faking feelings for her, while showing fake care and love… Somewhere he fell in love with the sweet girl!!!!!! More and more .. each day.. each moment!!!!
HE started treating her as a PRINCESS… And they live happily together… CRAZY IN LOVE .. coz their bond was because of the understanding they had in those bad times!!! and their love increases each SECOND……….

And its right…… LOVE STORIES ARE MADE BY GOD…. you never know who is made for you! and HENCE EVERY LOVE STORY IS DIFFERENT… but has lots and lots of LOVE in COMMON!!! ❤ ❤ 🙂

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