5 Tips To Keep Going When Life Gets Tough

Tough time don’t last long!! 🙂

Seb Dani

Feeling you never going to make it happen. Life gets overwhelmed at times. You think everything is throwing at you and all is proving that you’re nothing more than a failure. I got to stop you right there. It’s not just you, yes everyone at some point in life does go through hard time and struggle. Welcome to the real world. Dont give up. Hang on there.

Here is the reasons why:

1. Light is just around the corner.

Never ending tasks. Lot’s of unfinished projects. It really gets tough. You feel that your against a thick solid wall. How can you move it out  of the way. Well you have to fight to break that wall. That’s only way to get through it. It might seems easier giving up, but that’s not who you are. Remember light could be just around the corner. So keep pushing forward. You know…

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Deal the negativity of life!!! :)


It’s surprising to see that  time is changed. Negative emotions such as jealousy, revenge, pains took control over people. Most of the people are not happy, forgot to laugh!!! They lost all the hopes from their lives!!! 😦 And it’s really sad watching their negativities or the pain they had in past, controlling and resisting them to have a happy life!!!

They do not understand that they are
wrong!!! Their is positivity in everyone’s life!!! Even if you had a bad past, you can have a beautiful future by facing your pains in the present! See around, if the world is full of negativity; then we have nature, a beautiful nature, our God, good people and the close ones who are the proof of positivity! If not, look at your parents, they sacrificed so many things, only for your happiness!! And you don’t see positivity in life.? .. Huh.. Strange!!

Someone said-

“Time don’t heal anything, it just give you strength to face life and let go off your pains”.

But dear, time can make you strong only when you are ready for it!!! If you keep on holding your pains or sadness how will you move ahead to happiness?

Every person faces problems in life!! You might think your were very big in comparison to others, but that’s wrong!! Problems aren’t bigger than you… Cummon!!! You know negativity is very small in comparison to the powers of positivity!!! But yes negativity sticks easily and it become helpless if you face them, just like “fear run away when you run towards to face them”!!! Try to be happy in small things, Small moments and live your life to the fullest!! Show your past that you are stronger than it!!! Because they are many people who had struggled more than you and are living a happy life, take inspiration from them!!! If you want ask me I will help you!! 🙂

Believe in you, love yourself, trust God and leave the pains and accept positivity!!!! Help yourself… Because

” Even God help those who help themselves ” 🙂 🙂

Never Compare!

Comparison is the killer of growth. When you compare yourself with others you try to work like them instead of following your will and capability. You may have the desire and dedication to go far ahead of them with your hard work, but when you see sideways you might withdraw the idea to follow your desires and work other successful people and be satisfied!!

God- Answer to every question..!!

Did you ever found your brain struggling for the complicated questions of your life?? Spent days and nights finding their answers..!! Or just revolving around to find out what’s right and what’s wrong? You have no idea whom to consult for the correct solution when you crave it. Different humans have different perspectives which confuse us and there is only one who is always right- God!


God has all the answers of your questions. He’s the one who directs us to the right path. Yes it’s true he loves you conditionally. He is the supporter of truth. To live this life which is God gifted… One must trust God, love and serve him. He is the greatest power, he is the one who converts our sadness into happiness.


When you love him, trust him; you get an extra energy- Positivity!! He accepts you in the way you want I.e.  friend, parent, lover etc. He supports you, cares for you, love you when you feel alone.


When he is yours, he supports you at each step of life. When you feel stuck, he will show you the right path and help you in every possible way. You need to have a right attitude to follow him.


Love him because no one can love you like him. Trust him you won’t get better teacher then him.

Experienced… Try it..!! 🙂 🙂

LIFE- off the scene!!! :-(

Did you ever felt alone in this big world!!? Even if you have a loving family, so many caring and stupid friends!!! Did you ever wondered will people care if you stop talking, will someone make efforts to reconnect when you go angry, will someone see the pain in your smile, will someone pass the hurdles to love you in your busy schedule, will someone make efforts to take you out of sadness?

Now-a-days humanity is lost somewhere, people are so busy to take care, understand and make efforts! They became lazy and selfish!! Understanding is their inside and so patience! But people tends to take the shorter path; which leads to disappointment, anger, frustration and loneliness for many other who go beyond limits for other’s happiness! That’s why, Sometimes, the ones who care more, love more, sacrifice and compromise are left alone somewhere!!! They found themselves missing!!!! 😦 😦

Dreams,Goals and Success!

Everyone is quite aware of these terms. They play a vital role in your life. Dreams, goals and success sometimes sound the same……! But yes there is  a difference between them. On a professional front….

Dreams– they are the desires to be fulfilled. The desires that are the result of our interest. For example- admission in the best university, job in a multinational company, big earning for a luxury life!!!


Goals– goals are the steps or the tasks which lead to your dreams.! They are small and big, short term and long term, and according to priority!!! They include planning and accomplishment. Example- securing a seat in best university needs good marks in competitive exams whose preparation can be divided into small goals : syllabus completion in 3 months, revision in 2 weeks or achieving 95%marks in test series.


Success– it’s the biggest goal of the life. Though as famous quote says-

“Success is a journey not a destination”

Success can be living all your dreams, achieving your life’s happiness on a regular basis!!!! Success is different according to different people, but yes the base of success for all is same- “HAPPINESS”. It’s the victory of our hard work.


In order to have a great life with full of happiness, balancing these important terms is must.

One must turn their dreams into goals of life and work qualitatively on them because-

Dreams can inspire you, but goals can change your life.

A constructive work with efficient planning on the Goals based on Dreams, lead to Success.


versatile blogger award!! happiness :)

I am very happy that my fellow blogger The mount thinks that i am a versatile blogger! i am happy that people recognize my blog as an inspiring one and they get motivated towards a happy life! 🙂

thank you so much The blogger on the mount for this nomination.. thank you so much! 🙂 you can see her post here Versatile blogger award and visit her full blog! she is very positive! 🙂

now seven facts about me-

  1. I love writing and yes…. i do maintain a secret diary to share my feelings whenever needed!
  2. I TRUST GOD- i love him a lot and trust him whatever happens in my life.. he is like my best friend! 🙂
  3. I am not easily adaptable. I take little time to adapt in different situations.
  4. I am very EMOTIONAL. i love to keep people happy and believe in giving love. (but sometimes people hurt me so much and  i still love them and forgive)
  5. i love CHATTING- i do use facebook, watsapp a lot and like to chat with my close ones! 🙂 and because of facebook i do have some virtual friends whom i never met, but still we are very close! 🙂 (and yes would love to know you people also. my id- bloggerana18@gmail.com)
  6. I love to behave like a KID. I believe that You only live once! so live your life the best and kids enjoy their life most as they are away from all negativity.
  7. i hate NEGATIVITY- of course everyone among you hate it. But I don’t like people fighting for silly reasons, anger, jealousy! And i cant see people sad. It hurt me when i see poor people suffering, people feeling alone and i wish i could make them happy and for that i have started writing maybe as a short step.

I don’t follow many bloggers as i am new but still i would nominate few-

I appreciate this award to put a light on new good bloggers who have less than 200 followers! thank you! 🙂

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