I was wrong, LOVE is not always what people need. Sometimes you have to act maturely over situations, understand other’s expectations and behave accordingly. People should not be stubborn over their feelings that they neglect the natural them. Sometimes what people feel is not true… That is what they feel or wanted to feel.

It is rightly said…

What you think will happen, it doesn’t matter whether it would be positive or negative”.

No one is sad or happy, its just their thinking. As said in regious books…

“A person should be stable, i.e. Equal in both happiness and sadness”.

It depends mostly on us what feelings we want to surround us. A great person is the one who can have a control over his mind and feelings and have a proper sense to know how to behave with people around, without hurting them.

Passion, success, dreams these deep meaning words are so easy to IMAGINE yet so DIFFICULT to live them in real life. The hunger or the desire for them will never leave you.. And yes these desires are to be fulfilled for a healthy future life. Once you avoid them, ignore them.. A lot many times.. They would trigger your mind at the worst phase when you aren’t even capable of achieving them. And yes REGRET is a small word yet more than the word SUFFERING…!

You have one life to live all the desires you have. Its not only about you but also about the people who love you (your Parents etc), they deserve their expectations from you should be fullfilled. You see its not easy. LIFE is an irony having so many different feelings which you can never even  imagine. To live a happy life one must know to balance these feelings. For these the perfect solution is loving yourself, spending time with yourself, knowing the needs of your body and soul and then working for them. You dont need to ask several people how we should balance our feelings? What will make us happy? etc etc. Just spend time with yourself.. Be your best friend.. You will get to know all the answers and solutions.

LOVE YOURSELF and have the goal to use each and every second of your life besides having short/long term goals. LIVE this and you will see

LIFE ❤ ❤ 🙂

Elder-younger gap

No doubt the nurture elders provide is unbound and unceasing!! But sometimes at different circumstances they behave negatively like the times they are angry/stressed or have an ego of their position and burst out on us even when we are not at fault! We as younger than them cannot object against them as it is a matter of position! For instance Boss, teachers, elder cousins, parents or relatives have done this many a times! Each and every person is elder/younger in his life and would not like to be treated bad!! So we as humans has to understand both the sides to maintain proper relationships!! Solution is Either “forget your position or remember your limit while communicating” because relationships are the important part of life in which we have to play the role of elders as well as youngers!! Deal with courtesy to have success in personal and professional relationships and watch yourself being happy in life!! 🙂 🙂


Every human being has different priorities which keeps on changing from time to time! LIFE in short is a game of priorities at different times!!! No one is busy in life but their priority at that particular moment makes them busy! If someone is not able to pay attention towards you… do not run behind them…. stay calm and wait! It will save your ego as well as other person’s mood! If they care they will return back else be happy that you are saved from running behind a person & loosing your respect! Never have any negative feeling because it will destroy you! Just try to walk in other person’s shoes because there will be a day of you as well!!! So be happy and accept what life gives!!!!! 🙂 🙂