Discover Challenge:Finding Your Place


Last summer I spent my holidays in a beautiful place Singapore. They city is clean and beautiful. Lots of greenery and attracting places for tourists made this one my favourite. In just four days the place made me felt like home. I felt immense pleasure in the peace it offered me.

I visited Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Zoo, River Safari, City tour and malls. Overall the trip was amazing and the best part is It was my birthday trip. It was unforgettable Birthday present.


I know vacations are always enjoyed but there was something in the air of Singapore that made me so familiar with the place. And then when I went to Shimla in India, I felt the same peace there. Wrapped around the routes of mountains, roads too close to clouds, little cold, The place was alive.


In just few days places me so attracted towards themselves that I couldn’t afford departing them. Whenever I leave I promise them to be back again for a longer time.

I realized no matter where you go if a place gives you satisfaction,If you wish to visit the place again, If you feels special  within yourself,  the place is like “home”.  ❤

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