Daily Prompt: Mope



The worst sadness comes when your hopes are crushed. You must have heard people say “We are not planning anymore because our plans always fails” or “Don’t get too excited your hopes will be crushed”.


Yeah that feeling is depressing when you are excited  a lot and hoping something good to happen but that never happens. All of us had this moment at least once when our mood changed from being happy and excited to sad and angry.

And right now if you ask me how am I feeling? I am sad, feeling hurted and angry. Yes I was so happy that I am going to purchase the pair of shoes on which my eyes were set. I was happy to order it. But what happened just crushed my heart into pieces…. Shoes went out of stock.


Oh! What a regretful situation was that. 😦 I wished I should have ordered them earlier than waiting for right moment. And here I am sitting and wishing some miracle could happen so that I could get them.

I know sometimes situations are not are not in our hands and feeling sad is okay Okay okay I am fine… Its okay I will buy another one. 🙂

This is how we deal with sadness. As time passes they fades away and so the reason. We must learn to know that its okay if some things don’t go well as planned or some people don’t appear when we are waiting for them. Its pretty okay.Maybe there are some hidden plans behind those cancelled ones. Life is like this. Stay sad but don’t go deep into moping. Stay happy and loved.

Because Whatever happens in life happens for a good reason.






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